Arizona Search Dogs

Arizona Search Dogs is a nonprofit (501c3) organization

Arizona Search Dogs

 Arizona Search Dogs is a nonprofit (501c3) organization that trains, certifies, and develops Canine Search Specialist teams to be mobilized with USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) task Forces and to assist state and local jurisdictions in urban and wilderness search and rescue activities. Our teams have been deployed to the World Trade Center, The Winter Olympics in Salt lake City, flooding in Houston,Dallas Fort Worth tornado, New Orleans for hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Gustav, Hurricane Ike in the Gulf Coast, and local searches for valley residents.


Images From Washington



Arizona Search dogs Being Deployed to Washington Mudslides




Two dog handlers and their canines from the Phoenix Fire Department/Arizona Task Force One (AZ-TF1) are being deployed to assist in the search and recovery efforts following the severe mudslides that occurred March 22, 2014, in Snohomish County, Washington.


Twenty-two people are still missing under the 1,500 foot-wide mudslide area.


Arizona Search Dogs and their handlers are mobilized with FEMA Urban Search and Rescue task forces. Each canine and handler team must be certified through FEMA in search and rescue. There are less than 200 certified canine and handler teams in the United States.


Disaster canines are trained to locate victims and indicate the position where the strongest scent is found with a focused bark alert. It is a highly specialized team.


Arizona Task Force 1 is one of 28 National Urban Search and Rescue teams prepared to deploy in response to local or national disasters. Task forces are located throughout the United States.


The AZ-TF1 deployment began on March 25, 2014.


Meet The Search Dogs Deployed To Washington





The Search Dogs Help Fill The Boot For MDA!


FEMA search dogs undergo training, certification in Arizona

When people are buried in the rubble of a natural disaster or worse, man's best friend might be their only hope.

As Ryan O'Donnell explains, these incredible dogs need to be certified by FEMA before they can do their life-saving work.



Chance Wins The Friends of Animal Care and Control Hero Award for 2012


Arizona Search Dogs awarded 12 Who Care Award for June 2011

The Arizona Search Dogs were awarded the 12 who care award for the month of June 2011. We are very honored to receive this award. Special thanks to Traci from Topaz Vet. Clinic, everyone at channel 12,  The Room Store, and all of our supporters!


Training for Tragedy: Urban Search and Rescue Team

PHOENIX - In the days after 9/11, they answered the call for help -- members of the Phoenix Fire Department's Urban Search and Rescue team.

We talked with one firefighter who, along with his search and rescue dog, made the trip to ground zero.

John Dean and 60 other firefighters headed to NYC after 9/11.

FOX 10's Andrew Hasbun talked to Dean and got an inside look at the training an urban search and rescue team undergoes



Tagalong with the Urban Search and

Rescue Task Force

This story aired on Fox 10 News website2/23/20011





Find Out How Search and Rescue Dogs

 Are Trained.

This story aired on Fox 10 News on 2/23/2011.




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