Way to go Addie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bear doing an interior search

Elvis arrives in Arizona

We will never forget!!! We better not forget!!!

Mac was a medical train wreck, but he had a heart and drive the size of the Grand Canyon!!!!! While living on the streets he developed an abscessed tooth, pneumonia, kennel cough, ticks, abrasions, intestinal parasites, ear infections and a tremendous loss of weight. With a partnership between Arizona Humane Society, Rhino Contracting, Topaz Veterinary Clinic and each Arizona Search Dog handler Mac got healthy and went on to be an awesome certified FEMA disaster search dog. Way to go Mac!

Free making directionals look easy!!!

JP doing agility course

Booter searching for old bandage material

KAET Channel 8 produced an awesome Horizons segment about our dogs. When you talk to people that do not work dogs it is difficult for them to understand and comprehend everything you throw at them. This segment captured our dogs and group in a way few others have been able to match. Thank you Channel 8!!!!!!

Paul Williams shot and produced this video. We lost Paul and value his work that reminds us of his commitment, professionalism, abilities and love of our dogs. He was a class act that is missed a lot!!!! Father Carl also deployed with us to 9 11. The comfort and insight Father Carl provided everyone that worked that disaster cannot measured...he was our Chaplain here in Arizona, but he was everyone's Clergy at Ground Zero. Absolutely a class act that is missed by everyone on our department 

For a dog to ignore workers parked next to the back stand, air compressors and pneumatic tools running, freeway close by with a lot of traffic and yet remains focused on his handler and directionals is unbelievable!!! Good job Trooper!!!

Trooper was a washed out Field Trail dog :>(. Once he had a duck or bumper in his mouth it was there to stay...he flat out loved what he considered toys!!!!!! We think Trooper knew the traits that washed him out from his first job were qualities that would make him one of the very best disaster search dog in our system. Trooper filled out an application to join our group and within 4 months of getting to Arizona Trooper passed the FEMA canine certification evaluation with ease!!!!!!! 

Good teams are built through tremendous cooperation, respect and love between dog and handler. Few human/canine partners reach the level Kim and Rogue attained during Rogue's career. 

Tim and Moose are an awesome example of teamwork and professionalism. Tim took Moose from a pup that had been left in a kennel for his first 6 months of life with few opportunities to experience the outside world and helped him become one of our strongest and most loved disaster search dogs!!!!

Dana and Hoss developed into the type of team each disaster search dog handler hopes to attain with their canine partner. Hoss loved to get a duck as his reward for finding a vicim which is absolutely evident in this video, but more importantly Hoss searched because he wanted to make Dana happy!!!

Pic is highlighted in this video. We were blessed to have Pic as part of our group. Pic was especially valued because he was donated to Arizona Search Dogs by a good friend, Ed Apple. For a person to give us a gift of such value will always add to our fond memories of Pic. THANK YOU Mr. Apple

Reo was one of our Charter Canine Members. Without Reo's contributions and drive there is no doubt Arizona Search Dogs would not be in existence today. Many many doors were closed to us at the start of our group. Reo opened doors that would still be closed today without his energy and love of the game!!!!!

We lost Bear recently...hurts really bad!!!! Bear was given to us by an extremely generous man in Nebraska. If there is a dog that represents full out horsepower and drive that stayed just inside the lines it was Bear. Bear was our go to dog...just typing this text brings tears to our eyes. Thank you Mr. Morrissey!!!

DeSoto was Adam's first disaster search dog. We found him in a basement kennel in Sac City, Iowa. It was so cold the poor little guy could not even tinkle outside before we boarded the plane home. DeSoto helped Reo open a lot of closed doors. If there was ever a dog that was meant to be a disaster search dog it was DeSoto!!!!! 

Morning Scramble...Mr. McMahon is without a doubt one of the most professional TV and radio personalities in the world. With tremendous sincerity it was a honor to have our dogs associated with this gentleman. Mr. McMahon is an absolute state treasure for those of us that live and grew up in Arizona. Thank you Mr. McMahon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!